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Thanks to KHAS TV in Hastings for the discussion about Nebraska's Good Time Law.  This issue is too important to put on the backburner and fixing the so-called Good Time Law will be one of my first priorities. Link

"What I have done is represented farmers, ranchers, and ag interests in matters that directly relate to what the attorney general does when it comes to regulation and over regulation. I have been up against the EPA, I have been up against the National Park Service and the interior department and the soil conservation service. I understand what Nebraska faces."   Link

I will work with other attorneys general across the nation to pool resources in the fight against federal overreach. Appreciated having time with WJAG to discuss this. Link

Mayor Stothert Endorses Brian Buescher for Attorney General 
Brian Buescher today announced Mayor Jean Stothert has endorsed his candidacy for Attorney General of the State of Nebraska. “There is really no one I’d rather have in my corner than Brian when the next battle comes over federal control, neighbor state litigation, or activist court decisions.  When future issues arise regarding state water rights, federal mandates for cities and counties, EPA regulations, or highway funding, I know Nebraska will be well served by Brian Buescher as Attorney General. I also value Brian’s experience and reputation as a top agriculture law attorney, where he effectively represents the interests of individuals and organizations against the long reach of federal intervention.  Brian knows the importance of agriculture in our state and will work tirelessly to protect and promote it,” Mayor Stothert Link

Buescher said one of his top priorities as attorney general would be to “push back on federal regulations,” which he said have become “more intense and aggressive” under the Obama Administration. He specifically mentioned regulations impacting farmers, ranchers and agri-businesses. Nebraska City Newspress: Link

“I have been involved with the federal government aggressively regulating agriculture interests,” Buescher said. “I have a real problem with how the federal government is handling regulation at this point in time. They are making it difficult for agribusiness to do well.”  Link

"I believe right now, at this point in time, in the history of our state its really important for the attorney generals office to push back on the federal government, to let the federal government know that we can run our state better than they can, and we need to push back on the regulations particularly when it comes to agriculture and I believe my legal experience doing that as an attorney I am well suited to take on that role." Link

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Thank you to everyone who helped out during the last two months as we got a statewide campaign up and running.  I am thankful for all the wonderful support I received in the race for attorney general that I entered only 78 days ago.  

I will be forever grateful.  I will now settle back into the practice of law but I will remain active in many conservative political causes.  I look forward to seeing many of you in the future.  

Thanks again,